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Здесь можно обсудить лучшие программы для создания музыки. Это fl studio, cubase, ableton, sound forge, audition

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    Программа, в которой ВЫ работаете?
    Ableton Live
    FL Studio
    Apple Logic
    Cockos Reaper
    Cubase (Nuendo)
    Propellerhead Reason
    Cakewalk sonar
    Avid Pro Tools
    Sony Acid
    Presonus Studio One

    программа для создания музыки

    - это необходимый инструмент для современного музыканта. Представляет собой многодорожечную виртуальную студию - секвенсор DAW для звукозаписи, обработки и микширования отдельных партий музыкальных инструментов, которые могут сыграны как живыми музыкантами, так и виртуальными музыкальными инструментами.
    Самые популярные программы для создания музыки:

    fl studio     cubase     ableton     sonar

    presonus studio one pro     Avid Pro Tools

    Harrison Mixbus     обсудить Cockos REAPER     Apple Logic Pro

    При создании музыки вам может понадобиться программа для нарезки музыки и создания сэмплов ( аудиоредактор ). Такие редакторы обладают большим колличеством собственных плагинов для обработки музыки и могут подключать сторонние VST плагины для обработки музыки, звука, сэмплов.
    Самые популярные программы для нарезки музыки на нашем сайте и вы их можете бесплатно:
    sound forge и audition

    Guitar Pro 6.0.9 r9934 Final + Soundbanks

    создание музыки » программа для создания музыки | 4 июля 2011 | отзывы: 1 | Просмотров: 6831 |
    Guitar Pro 6.0.9 r9934 Final + Soundbanks
    Guitar Pro 6.0.9 r9934 Final & Soundbanks | 1.83 GB
    Latest Release (r9934 2011-06-30)

    Guitar Pro 6.0.9 r9934 Final + Soundbanks
    Guitar Pro 6.0.9 r9934 Final & Soundbanks | 1.83 GB
    Latest Release (r9934 2011-06-30)

    На данное время Guitar Pro это лучший редактор табулатур с реалистичным звучанием и возможностью создавать собственные композиции. Так же это репетитор и продвинутая нотная тетрадь. Фирма Arobas Music фактически задала стандарт, удобный не только гитаристам, но и всем музыкантам. И обошла всех в удобстве работы с этим форматом.

    • Recording of music for guitar, bass guitar, banjo, and also for many other instruments and ensembles in the form of tablature or sheet music charts (with a corresponding set of tabs tablature line with musical notation and vice versa);
    • Creating a party for winds, strings, musical instruments;
    the creation of parties to the drum set and percussion;
    • Add lyrics and link it to the notes of the tracks with vocals;
    • Built-builder and the determinant of the guitar chords;
    • Exports generated scores in MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, WAV, PNG, PDF, GP5 (in Guitar Pro 6), printing;
    • Import of MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, Power Tab (. Ptb), TablEdit (. Tef)
    • A virtual guitar fretboard, keyboard, piano and percussion instruments panel, which displays the notes are played at the moment. With their help, you can also create and edit • Party of the instrument;
    • Built-in metronome, guitar tuner, transpose tool paths;
    • A large number of tools for display in the notes specific to the guitar playing techniques and choice of options for scoring;
    • Starting with version 5, the program appeared Technology RSE (Realistic Sound Engine), allowing to bring the guitar to the real, and applying various effects (guitar "gadgets", the effect of «wah-wah», etc.) in real time.
    • Supports legacy programs - gtp, gp3, gp4, and gp5 (for versions 5.x and 6.0).

    New in Guitar Pro version 6
    • Ability to run on platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS (thanks to the fact that Guitar Pro 6 is completely rewritten to use Qt)
    • Significantly revised user interface in the direction of improving usability: a system of tabs open documents in a box;
    sidebar, containing tabs with different tools for editing music format, select the tool and system, the effects (imitation of guitar pedals, amplifiers, equalizers, compressors), etc.
    • High-quality voice scores. The sound in the RSE Guitar Pro 6 is very close to the real sound of instruments.
    • Ability to record the rhythm guitar "slash";
    • Ability to record a full chetyrehgolosiya;
    • Support for recording wind, string and keyboard instruments;
    • Greatly improved musical schedule, you can manually change the width of the stroke by moving the bar line, as a whole is closer to the academic tradition of musical notation
    • The broken clock feature
    • Signs of repeat cycles (alternative reprise)
    • There was a double point (increase in length by 1.75 times)
    • You can create n-plets (where a limited number of notes is divided by another number of notes of longer duration equated to them (eg 3:2))
    • There was a pause (delay)
    • Double-flat and double-sharp, and Bekar
    • Stakkatissimo
    • Improved menu flageolets
    • tapping your hands, indicating
    • Arpeggios
    • Rasgeado
    • Gruppeto
    • Crescendo, dekreschendo
    • Improved menu chords (now shows chords depending on the instrument (the piano does not show the guitar fingerings))
    • Ability to identify barre
    • Timer - feature that shows the time at which the note will be played
    • Bookmarks (section) - the separation of the score into sections, you can assign each letter of the name and
    • You can adjust tempo, volume and balance (as one does, and all lanes), which allows for some serious and

    What is Saundbanki (Soundbanks)
    - Saundbanki (Soundbanks) - it's not ready tabs of millions of artists. This is a set of samples so that sounded not MIDI-note, and relatively realistic.
    - Saundbanki put yourself if you are close to the established program. If for any reason, they are not established, you can simply throw the file in the window or open a file from the menu.
    - If saundbanki not needed, ie enough MIDI, do not forget to turn off the RSE, pressing F2.

    Guitar Pro is first and foremost a software designed to edit tablatures for guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings. With Guitar Pro you'll be able to learn how to play, compose and improve your guitar skills.

    Its great ease of use and the success of its specific file format have made it a software used by guitarists worldwide. It now includes editing support for many other instruments like the piano or the drums, a realistic audio engine, and interactive tools to support every musician's practice.

    Here are some key features of "Guitar Pro":
    Custom Views:
    · With Guitar Pro you have the option of working either directly in page or screen mode (horizontal or vertical). The screen modes use all the space available in the workspace. It is possible to change at any moment the proportions and page setup of your document as well as the viewed tracks.

    Automatic page setup:
    · Guitar Pro automatically configures the vertical position of the various elements of the score. The input is therefore very rapid, giving an output similar to that of published songbooks.

    · Guitar Pro automatically adds the bars and provides synchronization between the tracks of the score. This strict synchronization is needed for proper sound rendering of the score and it can also be educational at the same time.

    Interactive tools:
    · Each tool within Guitar Pro is closely linked to the active track properties. For example, if you opened the guitar tuner, it would give you the tuning chosen for that specific track. This makes Guitar Pro very powerful, and easy to use.

    Guitar Pro 6.0.9 - Latest Release (r9934 2011-06-30)
    * [Added] New user interface for soundbank selection, by way of an integrated browser.
    * [Added] Integrations of RSE soundbank changes and / or pickup changes into the track.
    * [Added] New lossless compression algorithm for the incoming soundbanks.
    * [Added] MacOS-10.7 Lion support.
    * [Fixed] Stability issue on Windows Vista.
    * [Fixed] Symbols and fingering for pick upstrokes and downstrokes can be placed on tied notes.
    * [Fixed] In Jazz, C time signature was invisble.
    * [Fixed] Undo (Ctrl + Z) did not restore second voice.
    * [Fixed] A crash was possible when using multi-voice editing.
    * [Fixed] Snare did not consider brush playing style

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