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миди файлы и сэмплы DMS Electro House Toolkit 2 [WAV MIDI]

создание музыки » midi - миди файлы | 11 мая 2011 | отзывы: 3 | Просмотров: 6123 |
миди файлы и сэмплы DMS Electro House Toolkit 2 [WAV MIDI]
Midi файлы и сэмплы bass линий для создания Electro!!!
The sequel to our smash-hit DMS Electro House Toolkit is finally here! We know you're going to love this pack: it's our answer to the huge numbers of requests which have been piling in for deeper, harder basslines. This is definitely one for the bassheads: we kick things off with 30 original bassline MIDI files that you can grab and use for whatever purpose you like. Manipulate the notes, make your own fills, tweak and edit: it's up to you and it's all completely royalty-free. For more information about the flexibility of MIDI see our FAQ section.

On top of that, we have 20 ready-to-use bass audio loops with all the production done for you: just drag and drop. You won't get caught out here either - you own the files as soon as you purchase the pack. Not enough for you? How about 30 of the hardest, nastiest bass patches you're likely to hear for Novation's popular V-Station synthesizer? These have been crafted with you in mind: no filler, just bass. All of the bass sounds in the demo down there were created using these V-Station presets as raw material: we're sure you'll find hundreds of ways of layering, effecting and manipulating these great patches as well.

As a special bonus we're also giving away every bass sound, lead part, drum loop, percussion hit and FX sample we used in our demo track when you buy the Electro House Toolkit 2.

The V-Station sound bank from this pack is now available separately from our synth patch section.

PC & Mac Compatible

Format: MIDI & Sample Pack
Content: 30 Electro Bassline MIDI files
Audio: 20 WAV Electro Bassline loops
19 Loops from demo (melody and percussion)
30 V-Station Presets
Download size: 76 mb


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ссылки не рабочие
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Цитата: faster
)))все ссылки рабочие.Народ с панталыка не сбивай
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Ни чегоподобного я качаю!

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