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--- ЛУЧШИЕ ЗВУКОВЫЕ БИБЛИОТЕКИ --->>>>>, Сэмплы! Акапеллы! Midi файлы! Инструментал!

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1 июня 2010 16:38
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лучший форум для музыкантов
Привет музыкант!!!
Если ты у нас проездом и наслаждаешься скачиванием кучи сэмплов,
в качестве благодарности расскажи друзьям об этом разделе!


Vengeance Studio Vocals Vol.1 (WAV)

Новейшая коллекция вокальных сэмплов для всех видов прогрессивной танцевальной музыки.

Vengeance Studio Vocals vol.1 - new sample pack with top notch vocal kits
20 professional written and recorded dance, trance and pop Songs.

- 20 professional written and recorded Dance-, Trance-, Electro- and Popsongs.
- 6 different skilled studio singers.
- All vocals are professionally compressed and EQ-ed.
- Songs come with both Dry (no reverb, no delay) and FX (reverb, delay, side-chain) versions.
- Includes MIDI files of each songs with corresponding chords.
- Some kits contain suiting basslines, pads or synths as WAV file.
- Fast and easy to implement in your production (BPM and 4 click pre-roll to each sample).
- Over 700 MB High Quality Wav format.






Prime Loops - Synth Addict (WAV)

Для создания Dubstep, IDM ...

From deep within the coveted labs at Prime Loops HQ, after months of dangerous experiments, cruel synthesis testing, and sleep deprivation, Synth Addict is unleashed…but beware…this is one’s infectious, do you want the remedy?

Are you sure? Because this is quite simply one of the most groundbreaking synth loops collections of the market today. Are you a true Synth Addict? Everything has been developed and tested using a highly confidential mixture of vintage, new analogue synthesizers and cutting edge digital processing tools; concocting the hottest and most extreme sounds of the moment with advanced synthesis techniques gained over years and countless hits in the making. You will not find another release like this, anywhere.

With 150+ jaw-dropping, upfront crazy synth loops, tearing, explosive, killer lead riffs, heart-attack, high pressure pulsating pads, and soaring, stomach-wrenching, mammoth bass earthquakes, Synth Addict is a force to be reckoned with, and an absolutely essential addition to your laboratories sound arsenal.

We took a great deal of care making sure everything here was engineered and manufactured to perfection, everything has been recorded in 24-bit audio ensuring the utmost quality, and as you’ve come to expect with all Prime Loops releases, Synth Addict is completely royalty free, and can be used in all your projects and releases, this way you avoid sample licensing costs, and large label fees, keeping 100% ownership of your work.

Whether you produce House or Dubstep, IDM to Electronica, Progressive to Tech, or maybe you’re looking for that killer riff for you next hit, if you suffer from synth addiction, we are extremely confident you will love what’s waiting for you inside. However, please use with caution, Synth Addict is toxic, and extremely addictive, the side effects are unknown…
Размер файла:: 317.5 Mb

2 июня 2010 22:55
Сообщение #2
лучший форум для музыкантов
VipZone - Roxx The Club Vol.2 MIDI MP3

Presenting new DJ Roxx 50 Club Melodies pack - Roxx The Club vol. 2 (50 midifiles + 500 mp3 files) !
The new Club Melodies pack contains 50 HANDS-UP / DANCEFLOOR midfiles + 500 new quality 320 kb/s mp3. This is the essential of club-dance of the last years in the new formula. All midifiles contain fast arpeggiated riffs and also added basslines for harmony (2 midi tracks in a file) and also each melody is played on 10 different instruments (some of them you may hear in a demo) which gives almost unlimited mixing possibilities. 500 mp3 files altogether for mixing gives 280 MB of sounds recorded using mostly top hardware synths - no VST plugins!
Размер файла:: 364.31 Mb



Ambience набор пространственных звуков

Библиотека инструментов и эффектов для профессионалов составлена в полном соответствии с требованиями музыкальной индустрии и предназначена для профессионального применения в записи музыки, джинглов, радиопостановок,спектаклей и просто музыкальных сочинений в обстановке домашней студии. Библиотека ориентирована на современные музыкальные направления и стили. Рекомендуется для творческого поиска нового звучания в техно стилях, поп и рок музыке!
Более 1500 семплов!
Размер файла:: 492.03 Mb


3 июня 2010 07:31
Сообщение #3
лучший форум для музыкантов
500 new quality 320 kb/s mp3
Весьма замечательно - профессиональные - и в мр3))))
3 июня 2010 12:19
Сообщение #4
лучший форум для музыкантов
Big Fish Audio Urban Flow Multiformat

Feel the flow of these radio ready Urban construction kits. These 10 kits capture the current sound and vibe of modern urban pop. It's all about creating the right blend of punchy drums, and the right melodic parts to break into the top of the hot 100! Also included are the individual drum parts for quick and easy remixing as well as the broken out drum hits to create your own parts in a flash. Urban Flow is where it's at for the latest sound and vibe of top 40 radio
Размер: 875.86 Mb

3 архива (letitbit.net)

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3 архива (depositfiles.com)


Wave Alchemy SFX Collection v1 MultiFormat

Образцы звуковых эффектов !

Wave Alchemys award-winning sample library - SFX Collection 01 offers over 1.5GB of 24-bit 100% royalty free sound effects samples created using the very finest of vintage and new age electronic equipment.

A must have for every dance music producer - Chris Lake

All of the samples in SFX Collection 01 have been crafted from the ground up with many being enhanced by classic studio effects processors. The sheer volume, quality and diversity of sound effects included make this library an essential addition to any producers sound arsenal.
Размер: 1.54 Gb

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4 июня 2010 01:38
Сообщение #5
лучший форум для музыкантов
ModernBeats Vox Chantz Vol 1 MULTiFORMAT

One-shot vocal samples & chants for Hip Hop, modeled after vocals chants heard in: Flo Rida's Low, Ludacris' What Them Girls Like, T.I.'s Live Your Live, Beyonce's Radio, plus many more! The Vox Chantz Library allows you to add powerful, commanding chants to your beats. For example, using both 'Vox Chantz 1' , combine "Heeeeeell!" (long cut) with "Nah!" (short cut) or combine "Yeah!" (short cut) with "Fooooool!" (long cut). Plus, Vox Chantz 1 feature matching tones and dyamics per chant, allowing for the ultimate in realism when building phrases!
Vox Chantz 1 - Long Cutz features 35 male vocal chant groups. Each group contains 14 separate stacked chant samples, each 2-3 seconds in length.
Размер файла:: 308.41 Mb



I love 90`s Acapellas

Сборник состоит из 30 акапелл самых популярных музыкантов 90 годов!!!

Tracklist :

01. 20_Fingers_Short_Dick_Man_(acapella)
02. Afrika Bambaata – Just get up (acapella)
03. Afrika bambaataa-funky heroes
04. Billie Ray Martin – Your Loving Arms (Acapella)
05. Corona – magic touch
06. Corona – Rhythm Of The Night
07. Crystal_Waters_Gypsy_Woman_(Acapella)
08. Daft Punk – Around The World (Acapella)
09. Depeche mode – Enjoy the silence acapella
10. Eric b & rakim – i know you got soul (acapella)
11. GEORGE MICHAEL – Monkey (Acapella version)
12. Ghetto superstar (accapella)
13. Ice mc – think about the way (acappella)
14. Jack_to_the_sound_of_the_underground
15. Jamiroquai-deeper_underground
16. Janet jackson -miss you much accapella
17. KLF-3_am_eternal
18. Madonna – Frozen
19. Madonna – Like A Prayer (Church Acapella Mix)
20. MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Pump Up The Jam Rap (Acapella)
21. Nas feat lauryn hill – if i ruled the world (acapella)
22. Robin s – show me love
23. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free
24. Snap_the_power_(diy_acapella)
25. Technotronic Feat Ya Kid K-Get Up
26. Technotronic-Pump.Up.The.Jam.
27. Ultra Nat – Free (Acapella)
28. Vanilla ice-ice ice baby (acapella)
29. Vanilla Ice-Play That Funky Music
30. Baby one more time acapella

Размер файла:: 109.75 Mb

4 июня 2010 07:57
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лучший форум для музыкантов
Цитата: Mellifluous
3 архива (letitbit.net)

не найден
4 июня 2010 13:55
Сообщение #7
лучший форум для музыкантов
Цитата: AlexSmirnov
не найден

пользуйтесь зеркалами ! файлы все совместимы и взаимозаменяемы! Вот...

freshsound - Dance Music Acapellas vol 1

Сборник акапелл для Dance музыки!

Track Listings:

BASEMENT JAXX - Oh My Gosh! (Accapella)
Basspower - Get Into The Music (Acapella)
Dr Dre - The Next Episode (Acapella)
infernal - from paris to berlin (acapella)
Infernal - I Won't Be Crying (Acapella)
infernal - keen on disco (acapella)
jamelia - superstar (studio acapella)
Karen Danzig - China In Your Hand
Kathy Brown - Get Another Love (accapella)
Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You acapella
N-Trance - Forever Vox
sash - mysterious times (clean acapella)
Shannon - Let The Music Play (Acapella)
Soulja Boy - Donk (Acapella)
wiley - my mistakes (acapella)
Will Smith - Switch (Acapella)
Will_Smith - Men in black acapella
zook - blue monday (studio acapella)
Mark Knight – Drug Music Acapella
Agnes – Release Me (Official Acapella)(320)
Power to the people club acapella
Sean Paul – So Fine – Acapella
SWV – Can We Get Kinky(Acapella)
take that – pray (synth acapella)
Tiffany Affair Ft Jody Breeze – Start A Fire
T-Pain Feat. Ludacris – Chopped And Screwed (DIY Acapella)
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Original Studio Acapella)

Размер файла:: 143.74 Mb

Скачать (uploadbox.com)



Wanna make hip hop beats hot as the streets of Miami? Miami Cartels Maybach Edition is what you're looking for them. Featuring 22 multi-track construction loop sets totaling 549 WAV, APPLE, and REX Loops. Use in Fruity Loops, FL Studio, Garageband, Reason or any sampler that accepts WAV files. Mix and match loops to create thousands of new ideas. In the styles of Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and The Runners this set delivers big synths, rapid snare drum rolls, hood melodies, and so much more! Download this hot dirty south loop set from Nova Loops today. All Nova Loops sounds and samples are Royalty Free. The best sounds, the best prices, that's Nova baby.
Nova Loops....The Formula For Making Hits!
Размер файла:: 1.52 Gb

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5 июня 2010 23:15
Сообщение #8
лучший форум для музыкантов
Inspiration Sounds - Deep Tech House (ACiD WAV APPLE REX)

Deep Tech House is a superb new Sample Pack from Inspiration Sounds. It features 705MB of 24-bit samples and loops perfect for use in the production of Tech-House, Minimal House, Deep House and Electro.

From the producer of Electro Grime comes Deep Tech House. If you are looking for abstract tech-grooves, phat and phunky electro grooves, minimalistic synths and outrageously original drums and percussion for your tech-house, deep house, minimal house and electro tracks, then look no further than Deep Tech House!

Deep Tech House includes everything you need to create fresh, original and outstanding tracks. You get a huge 705MB of content in ACIDized WAV, Apple Loops & REX2 format for ultra compatibility with audio sequencers and samplers available today.
Размер: 705.94 Mb

2 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2

2 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2


Ueberschall - DnB Resonance WAV

Brand new from Germany's Ueberschall, Drum'n'Bass Resonance is the ultimate in construction kits. Your house is going to quake. This CD contains really cool and tricky drum loops, intense sub-basses and much more. The loops are broken down with the complete mix, then the drum loop, then all of the individual sounds and sub-basses. This CD is just waiting to be loaded...
Размер файла:: 743.72 Mb

6 июня 2010 01:16
Сообщение #9
лучший форум для музыкантов
Muttekki - Vengeance Ultimate Bass

Mutekki Media - Vengeance Ultimate Bass - отличная сэмпл-библиотека синтетических, модных, клубных басов. На диске более 750 одиночных басовых сэмплов. Формат: 24bit , 44.1 KHz , Stereo. Все сэмплы Vengeance заслуживают особого внимания среди поклонников танцевальной музыки.
Библиотеки содержат одиночные сэмплы барабанов, басов и эффектов. Все сэмплы обладают ценным качеством - "влезания" в микс. Что говорит о высоком качестве сэмплов.
Более 750 разнообразных ультра клубных басовых сэмплов one shot. Все сэмплы отсортированы по ноте, отэквализированы, скомпрессированы и готовы к использованию.
Сэмплы подходят для сочинения музыки в стилях techno, trance, dance и club.
Высококачественная коллекция сэмплов с мощными гипнотическими басами для клубной танцевальной и электронной музыки.

* over 750 ultra depp club-basses by Manuel Schleis & Manuel Reuter (750 are really many!)
* all waveforms are sampled very long
* basses sorted by root key
* "ready to use" optimized - basses are EQed and compressed
* EXS and Halion files for each bass (sorted in banks) - just load this basses into Halion/EXS - it's like you switch presets with a VSTi
* all basses are looped, so you can use them for other crazy things, too!
* universal wav format



Novaloops J's Blueprint Theory Vol 1

Trying to get in that NY State of Mind? Nova Loops brings you one of the most anticipated loop sets of the year, J's Blueprint Theory Vol 1. This set features 15 East Coast style construction loop sets in the style of the Jigga man himself. J's Blueprint Theory Vol 1 kicks off the first in our Celebrity Series of products coming to you very soon. Produced by Baltimore legend Fusion who's credits include Musiq Soulchild (DeserveUMore), G-Unit (Betta Ask Somebody) Skillz “Ghostwriter” and “1,2 Theory” (Rawkus) Truth E No La, El Da Sensi, Jowell Ortiand, including Dj'ing for Musiq Soulchild, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Jean Grae and many more. 423 total Acid, Apple and Rex loops to load into your favorite DAW such as Fruity Loops, Garageband, FL Studio and Reason or any sampler that accepts WAV files. Full of hard hitting grimy drums and dirty samples this set gives you a good variety of J's various styles from over the years. Download this hot hip hop loop set from Nova Loops today. All Nova Loops sounds and samples are Royalty Free.
Nova Loops....The Formula For Making Hits!
Размер файла:: 1.57 Gb

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3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
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(uploadbox.com) part3

3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3

Download one file (vip-file.com)


Prime Loops Minimal and Twisted House Drum Loops WAV

Prime Loops are extremely proud to present one of their hottest releases to date: Minimal and Twisted House Drum Loops. Drawing inspiration from around the world’s most prestigious bars, beaches and nightclubs, this masterful infusion of over 130 underground drumbeats forcefully tears down the boundaries of modern dance music to the core.

Minimal Techno from Berlin, Twisted beats from Miami, Dark House music from London and Rhythmic grooves from Brazil all come together to bring you one awe inspiring album of twisted filth! Prepare to be utterly revolted yet ultimately fascinated by this collection of construction grooves, drum loops, top loops and percussion, which will help you to bring your productions into focus with the next generation house music.

Inside you will find a variety of grooves and rhythmic styles, including warm organic rolling drums that make your feet tap uncontrollably, to floor filling minimal grooves, intricately crafted complex beats and sporadic patterns that give you that spine-tingling chemical rush of techno satisfaction! Verging on Minimal, flirting with Electro, sparring with House and dicing with Techno, this pack has been inspired by many genres….all of which have been chewed up and spat out into a big lump of rebellion! Whether your style is dark and ambient or downright dirty, this sound suite will have you itching to get in the studio and begin your next masterpiece.

Minimal & Twisted House Drum Loops was created by the same artist responsible for the best selling ‘Minimal Synthesis,’ and has been developed with today’s producer in mind. Each drum loop is provided with an identical loop minus the bass drum, should you wish to drop it out for a few bars or add an entirely different kick altogether, and the more complex loops have been split up into 3 or 4 parts, so that you can build up or drop them out as you please.

We hope you enjoy using these samples, and if you are looking for something different. but be warned: your productions may never be the same again!
Размер файла:: 318.27 Mb

7 июня 2010 00:10
Сообщение #10
лучший форум для музыкантов
freshsound - Drum and Bass explosion vol1

Это новая коллекция сэмплов в стиле Drum and Bass понравится всем клабберам этого жанра!
Сборник представляет собой практически на 90% эксклюзивного материала который вам не найти нигде в сети!
Сэмплы представлены в основном в формате WAV, но так же есть небольшой набор ударов в формате Aiff и Rex.

Размер: 879.3 Mb

3 архива (letitbit.net)

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3
Hardstyle Bomb Midi - HOT COLLECTION

500 MIDI (hardstyle).Here is another midi pack containing a lot of the latest & older hardstyle bangers from artists like:
- the prophet- the pitcher- d-block & s-te-fan- Project one- scope dj- showtek- noisecontrollers- zany- dozer- Brennan Heart- Donkeyrollers- frontliner.- technoboy- luna- Etc etc.
some of the tracks are:Guardian angel,Black Stripez,Spacer,Crump,Rage,Reverse,Rock hypnotic,Hold us back, etc etc.

Размер файла:: 7.07 Mb

9 июня 2010 15:53
Сообщение #11
лучший форум для музыкантов
Mutekki Media Ultimate Beats Vol. 2

Нужен респектабельный бит для вашего продакшена? Хотите ли вы построить драйвовые Хауз грувы, ударные Techno биты, энергетические ритмы Транса, мощный Електро Хауз или заразительный Минимал, Mutekki Mediaгs это специалист по всему этому. „Ultimate Beats“ имеет все нужное соответствующее вашим требованиям! От soft к hard Bass Drums, Claps, Snares и Cymbals и огромную колекцию лупов! С этим диском выш убойный хит не за горами!

Since its release 'Ultimate Beats' from Mutekki Media fast become an all-round favourite amongst todays sample enthusiasts. Many well-known producers such as Gregor Tresher and Stephan Bodzin gave their recommendation. 'Ultimate Beats Volume 2' sets the bar even higher and offers even more sounds and loops than its highly popular predecessor.

This sample pack from Michel Baradari provides you with everything required to build respectable beats and to produce entire tracks with it.
Next to a diversified collection of different bass drums, claps, snares, cymbals, percussions, FX as well as powerful bass and synth sounds, also the successor again offers a huge loop section that meets all requirements.
With its fresh loops and is likely to cause tingling in the hands of Electro, Techno and Progressive House producers. As usual at Mutekki Media, all samples are produced at highest level to give the sounds maximum assertiveness.
Размер: 2.53 Gb

6 архивов (letitbit.net)

6 архивов (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3
(uploadbox.com) part4
(uploadbox.com) part5
(uploadbox.com) part6


Tekniks Urban Inspiration WAV

Tekniks очень горд представить эту массовую Royalty Free коллекцию городских петель и образцов лучших HipHop мелодий!!!

Tekniks is very proud to present this massive royalty free collection of urban loops and samples. Urban inspiration is a inspiring collection of the finest hiphop melodies with not a beat in sight.
Urban Inspiration contains only the hottest vibes to add that West or East Coast flavor to your mix. This collection is perfect for those times when you've laid down the phattest beats but dont know what to lace on top. Packed with head knockin basses, dre'like stabs, crunked up synths and so much more, Urban Inspiration adds that missing flavor to your joint!
Packing over 1.36 gigs of Wav files, 921mb of Appleloops and over 33mb of Rex files, you'll find only the hottest melodies, hits, bass lines, guitar riffs and more within the 50 (That's right) carefully crafted construction kits.
Urban Inspiration is the perfect library for producers looking for sounds that represent the finest in urban music.
Размер файла:: 1.36 Gb

3 архива (letitbit.net)

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3
10 июня 2010 01:13
Сообщение #12
лучший форум для музыкантов
Black Eyed Peas - True Acapellas

Акапеллы от Black Eyed Peas !!!

Track Listings:
Black Eyed Peas - Dont Lie 2
Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama
Black Eyed Peas - Joints And Jams
Black Eyed Peas - Lets Get Retarted
Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up
Black Eyed Peas ft Justin Timberlake - Where Is The Love

Размер файла: 35.99 Mb

Скачать (depositfiles.com)
Digital Redux - Dubstep Plates (WAV)

Digital Redux Dubstep Plates: a fresh sample library for producers of all styles of Dubstep.

Digital Redux Dubstep Plates covers everything from the dark and moody, to dubby and the more upbeat pieces. This collection was created for the Dubstep heads by one of the scenes heads.
Digital Redux Dubstep Plates exhibits an awesome collection of fresh sample material present in the form of 30 construction tracks. Each construction tracks moves stylistically from the more dark moody, to dubby and more upbeat picees.
Each construction track is stripped down to a bare bone grooves, presented with every element available for use and in multiple formats for easy integration into your productions. The DVD touches on many styles from within the Dubstep genre but this library could also be a useful tool for producers of many other music styles.
Размер: 1.1 Gb

3 архива (letitbit.net)

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3
Smash Up - The Studio Evolving Elements House

Capture the essence of the true underground with Evolving Elements: House, the latest release from Smash Up The Studio.
Professionally recorded in our state of the art studio by top engineers using a selection of some of the best analogue and digital synthesizers around.

Fresh, exciting sounds of the underground. 333MB of "feel good" House loops
designed to get the party started!
Wicked drum grooves, crunchy synth licks and fat bass loops, all recorded in 24-Bit audio.
Размер файла:: 333.36 Mb


Скачать (uploadbox.com)
Скачать (depositfiles.com)
11 июня 2010 00:28
Сообщение #13
лучший форум для музыкантов
Sample Magic - Deep-Tech House (WAV)


Featuring: 100s of jackin' minimal grooves, classic tech workouts and dusky soulful drums plus tight and percussive tops; basslines from Chicago to Detroit and beyond; all-analogue melodies and blissful vinyl-infused music loops; broken-out combi kits; 300+ finely sculpted drum hits, jazzy chords and bass hits; plus creaks, sweeps, low-risers and falls and bpm-linked background dust and detail loops.

Beats › Jackin' minimal grooves, classic tech workouts and dusky soulful drums plus 100+ of tight and percussive tops.
Basslines › From Chicago to Detroit and beyond: subby low-enders, wonky squarelines and dubbed out sinelines.
Synths & music loops › All-analogue chord riffs, organic melodies and blissful vinyl-infused music loops.
Combis › Inspiration straight out of the box: broken-out kits featuring beats, bass and music loops.
Hits › 300+ finely sculpted kicks, snares, hats, percussion, bonus jazzy chords and bass hits.
FX and FX loops › Creaks, sweeps, low-risers and falls plus bpm-linked background ambience, dust and detail loops.
Размер: 820.58 Mb

3 архива (letitbit.net)


GNX Music Step Ya Game Up Vol. 2


Вторая часть сборника ударных, самых известных музыкантов планеты! Добавьте их в свою коллекцию и ваши композиции будут реально качать и вдохновлять на следующие идеи!!!

Step Ya Game Up Vol. 2 is the 2nd volume of industry bangin drum kits that will Step Ya Game Up. The hard, radio ready drum samples in this collection are perfect for making down south beats, hard ny beats, west coast beats, r&b beats, club bangers and more.

A Total of:
142 Kicks
141 Claps
106 Snares
61 Hats
89 Percussion

100 Bonus Samples


1. 500+ drum sounds in each volume.
2. Kicks, Snares, Claps, Shakers, Percussion, Hats more than 15 Kits in each edition.
3. No wasted time editing samples. Just start making beats.
4. Instant Download in minutes.
5. Crunk Kits, RnB Kits, Producer Kits, Street Kits.
6. Each volume has all the drum sounds you need to make your hit record.
7. Bonus: bass sounds.
8. Best price for the best pro quality industry drum sounds on the internet.
9. All sounds professionally EQ’d and Compressed to cut through in the mix.
10. Your beats will sound better instantly.

500+ Drum Samples + 100 Bonus Samples More than 16 unique kits including South Crunk Kits, RNB Kits, Club Kits, Neptunes, Jus Blaze Kit And more…
Wav. files work with: FL Studio, Logic, Reason, Sonar, Akai MPC, Cubase and Protools.
Размер файла:: 124.53 Mb


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Mutekki Media - Vengeance Effects vol. 1

Высококачественные профессиональные эффекты для использования прежде всего в клубной музыке, а также в рекламных роликах, электронной музыке и озвучивании видео. В составе: Atmos, Uplifter, Downlifter, Hits & Explode, FX Loops, Noizes, Short Fills & Reverse, Tonal FX, VFX Lazers.
Формат сэмплов: wav 44 kHz
Размер: 700 Mb


over 750 high quality club-fx designed by Manuel Schleis & Manuel Reuter
all loops are with BPM and precisely cut
all tonal sounds with exact root key
"ready to use" optimized
reasonable sorted in categories like uplifting, downlifting, noize and so on...
no ripped stuff, all FX are heavily processed or built from the scratch
8 sided color CD booklet
also contains "ultra long" sweeps







Mutekki Media - Vengeance Effects vol. 2

Mutekki Media - Vengeance Effects 2 – пакет, который включает качественные, профессиональные звуковые эффекты для использования при создании клубной музыки, а также других направлений. Эффекты Mutekki Media - Vengeance Effects 2 также идеально подойдут для производства рекламной продукции, озвучивания видео треков и т.д. Спектр эффектов достаточно велик, здесь вы услышите Athmos, Downsweeps и Impacts эффекты, музыкальные лупы, большое количество "ваншотов" и многое другое. Mutekki Media - Vengeance Effects 2 (сэмплы эффектов) оставили только лучшие впечатления от их прослушивания. Благодаря новизне эффектов и чистоте звучания, они займут достойное место в Вашей коллекции.
Формат сэмплов: wav 44 kHz
Размер: 700 Mb


over 750 high quality club-fx designed by Manuel Schleis & Manuel Reuter
all loops are with BPM, precisely cut and without bassdrum
all tonal sounds with exact root key
"ready to use" optimized, just drag them into your sequencer
reasonable sorted in categories like uplifting, downlifting, noize and so on...
brand new "impacts" categorie... for awesome deep monster percussion-hits!
8 sided color CD booklet
EXTRAlong uplifting sweep sounds... ranging till 45 seconds!





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лучший форум для музыкантов
Vipzone FX Collection Vol 1

Коллекция высококачественных звуковых эффектов . VipZone - FX Collection Vol.1 используется многими известными ди-джеями в своих «сетах». всех популярных стилей музыки. Эффекты от VipZone - FX Collection Vol.1 можно легко редактировать для придания им уникальности.

Яркий пакет VipZone - FX Collection Vol.1 обязательно должен присутствовать в Вашей коллекции сэмплов.

The new FX Collection contains over 1000 WAV (2 CD) high quality files with miscelanous sound effects for using in sound productions of trance, techno, house, breakbeat, rave, elektro, ambient and more...

Ambient - 91 FX
Fade In - 59 FX
Fade out - 82 FX
Noise - 42 FX
Reverse - 45 FX
Scratch - 113 FX
Short FX - 239 FX
Shots - 69 FX
Trance - 273 FX
Bonus loops - 100 loops
Together 1013 FX + 100 loops

Размер файла: 1 Gb

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> uploadbox.com

Скачать -> sharingmatrix.com

Скачать -> depositfiles.com


Vipzone FX Collection Vol 2

The new FX Collection vol.2 contains over 1000 WAV (2 CD) high quality files with miscelanous sound effects for using in sound productions of trance, techno, house, breakbeat, rave, elektro, ambient and more...

Calm sounds - 69 FX
Fade In - 82 FX
Fade out - 50 FX
Guitar - 61 FX
Loops FX - 109 FX
Orchestral - 87 FX
Reverse - 56 FX
Scratch - 127 FX
Short - 141 FX
Shots - 282 FX
Synths - 104 FX
Voice FX - 37 FX
Others - 251 FX



Download one file (vip-file.com)


Bunker 8 A1 Yola Wav

Bunker 8 has brought it back to the hardcore asphalt which only the true OG can conceive. These construction ---- are takin in the skunk and dispensing with the crunk. Bumper bustin kicks, supreme slamming snares, ultra rich syn-thetics and off the wall ethnic tribalities

A1 Yola is 100% pure yeh yoh straight to chronic massive.These beats have nasty scrawled all over themselves.
Construction kit clocks in WAV loops , the whole cross platform package.These construction are bursting at the seams with the essential ingredients to propel your creativity out of the sameness of the everyday. Each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight.
Bunker 8 uses proprietary sample looping technology so that each cycle seams perfectly throughout your jams. That means you can stretch these loops really far with limited or no digital artifacts.
These are made by the same world famous producers who brought you "Hitzone 1,2,3", "Hybridizer 1, 2, 3," "101 Below," etc. Its like having SigmundDroid right with you at the controls.
Размер: 665.22 Mb

3 архива (letitbit.net)

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
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(uploadbox.com) part3

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Discovery Sound - ALMA FLAMENCO

Сердце и душа испанского Фламенко!

This best-selling 2-CD library offers over 1,000 phrases and sounds in audio, Rex2, and Acid (Wav) format. This library includes characteristic percussion, such as bongo and castanets, plus the elegant and powerful Spanish guitar. Give your music “south of the border” flavor with this remarkable, authentic collection.

Sound Files

ACID [600 files]
Bongo: Loops [28 files] / One shots [61 files]
Cajon: Loops [21 files] / One shots [19 files]
Castanuela: Loops [13 files] / One shots [22 files]
Guitarras: Loops [121 files] / One shots [80 files]
Palmas: Loops [28 files] / One shots [24 files]
Snaps: Loops [7 files] / One shots [21 files]
Taconeo: Loops [16 files] / One shots [15 files]
Voces- Female: Loops [27 files]
Voces- Male: Loops [76 files] / One shots [10 files]
Voces- Group: Loops [5 files] / One shots [6 files]

REX2 [342 files]
Bongo: Loops [28 files]
Cajon: Loops [21 files]
Castanuela: Loops [13 files]
Guitarras: Loops [121 files]
Palmas: Loops [28 files]
Snaps: Loops [7 files]
Taconeo: Loops [16 files]
Voces- Female: Loops [27 files]
Voces- Male: Loops [76 files]
Voces- Group: Loops [5 files]

Размер файла:: 437.66 Mb


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лучший форум для музыкантов
Sony Sound Series: Loops & Samples - Futurist Drum 'n' Bass WAV

Лупы и ван-шоты для создания Drum 'n' Bass!

Sony Creative Software presents the Futurist Drum 'n' Bass collection, representing for drum 'n' bass - one of the most versatile and exciting styles of music happening today. Its fast tempos and fractured breaks are resonating throughout the worlds of techno, pop, jazz, rock, and hip-hop. Drum 'n' Bass is also one of the most difficult and tedious styles of music to create, involving long hours of editing and beat-matching, not to mention locating royalty-free source materials. The Futurist Drum 'n' Bass library signals an end to this frustration, delivering perfect beats, on the fly and in real time. The Futurist Drum 'n' Bass set has more than just beats. It's a complete construction kit that provides the foundation for building drum 'n' bass tracks the fast way. So, whether you're a drum 'n' bass purist or you just want to add a contemporary edge to any style, the Futurist Drum 'n' Bass library provides the tools quickly, efficiently, and running at full speed under the amazing power of the ACID® software engine.
400 MB original, royalty-free WAV files.


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GForce On The Rhodes (WAV/AIF/SF2/MIDI)

Родосское Электрическое Фортепьяно !!!

The term legendary is particularly over-used when referring to vintage musical equipment. However, no one would deny that the Fender Rhodes Electric Piano deserves not only legendary status but also that of being one of the most coveted and influential keyboard instruments of the last 35 years.

The inventor, Harold Rhodes, first began making musical instruments in the 1940s, initially developing a type of electric xylophone which was, oddly enough, constructed from bits of aluminium tubing salvaged from B17 bombers. In the early 1960s and in conjunction with Leo Fender, Harold Rhodes developed the Fender Rhodes Piano Bass, which was based around a small 32 note keyboard which utilised the principal of striking aluminium tubes or tines to create the distinctive sound. A short while later, in 1965, the first full size Fender Rhodes was born - the Suitcase 88.

Although over the years various model names have come and gone, one thing has remained constant throughout all of the Rhodes guises, its unmistakable sound. Used by artists from Chick Corea to Portishead and Steely Dan to Stevie Wonder, the Fender Rhodes has truly helped shape the last 30 years of modern music.

The Players

Arden Hart is a genuinely gifted musician. Unbelievable is the phrase often used to describe his ability. There are some players who are born with perfect pitch, never drop a note and have an ability that the rest of us can but listen and attempt to learn from, Arden sits at the top of this category.

Arden's favourite instrument is his Rhodes Stage 73, which features on this CD, and his credits, to name but a few, include Carleen Anderson, Brand New Heavies, Chaka Khan, Pasedenas and James Mason.

Dave Spiers programming and recording contributions to this CD have been crucial. Although more programmer than true musician, Dave still keeps his hand in when it comes to Rhodes riffs and licks. However, given both the virtuosity and enormous input from Arden, he'd be the first to admit his own musical contributions to this CD were minimal

A 'world first' in terms of sample CDs. This disc offers you the choice of THREE individual formats:

- Over 300 MIDI loops
- Over 300 WAV and AIFF audio loops
- Multi-sampled SoundFont Rhodes (one normal and one with tremolo)
- Размер файла:: 309.61 Mb


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лучший форум для музыкантов
Metallica - True Acapellas

Track Listings:

And Justice for All
Bleeding Me
Devils Dance
Disposeable Heros
Enter Sandman
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Master Of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Of Wolf and Man
Ride the Lightning
Trapped Under Ice
Wherever I May Roam

Размер файла: 100 Mb


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Ethnic Greek beats loops WAV

В этой коллекции собраны различные звуки греческих ударных инструментов!
Замечательная коллекция, которая даст вибрацию и необыкновенный цвет Вашей музыке.
Размер файла:: 99.14 Mb


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лучший форум для музыкантов
Turkish Vocals & Strings loops

В этой коллекции более 100 сэмплов в формате wav!
Петли вокала и последовательности турецких инструментов !!!
Размер файла:: 36.77 Mb


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Icone Music Trance Percussion

Удивительные Образцы Транса!
Одни из лучших образцов Транса - которые должен иметь каждый!
Размер файла:: 63.15 Mb


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Prime Loops Planet Of The Orchestra Wav

Prime Loops in association with Jean Baptiste Lacaze are extremely proud to present their most celebrated and highly anticipated release to date: The Planet of the Orchestra has finally arrived… a culture-merging, genre defying master mix of state-of-the-art 24 bit recordings, the likes of which have never been heard before.

Imagine if the best Orchestra's most talented musicians and top artists from India, America, Africa, Japan, Australia, Europe and China all got together in one huge recording facility, and jammed together…the result? Planet of the Orchestra.

Let us take you on a musical journey as we discover unheard melodies and hidden treasures from the dusty sand dunes of the Saharan desert, to the highest mountaintops of Tibet, from deep within the closely guarded quarters of the mysterious hidden temples of the Orient, to the quaint riverside cafes of Eastern Europe.

6 months in the making, this highly original, cutting edge sample pack is the first of it’s kind. Each of the 100+ music loops are extremely complex, containing many layers of instrumentation. You can download this comprehensive sample pack in a variety of formats of your choice which have been specifically mixed, mastered and formatted to work perfectly with your chosen music production platform. As with all our sample packs Planet of the Orchestra is completely royalty free, and comes as standard with our 3 stage seal of quality

Eclectic, worldclass, and evocative by nature, here you will find Bollywood Compositions, Spanish Guitars, Classical Strings, French Accordions, Infamous Oriental Flutes, Grand Pianos, Arab Strings, South American Wind Chimes, Full Orchestra Progressions and many, many more instruments which have all been meticulously blended together into this fascinating collection delivering crystal clear, and utterly unique musical building blocks for your productions, soundtracks and releases.
undefined "I feel like I have mastered copies of studio recordings from some of the greatest sessions on earth."
Размер файла:: 140.78 Mb


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лучший форум для музыкантов
Groove Monkee MIDI Bundles PC and Mac

Коллекция MIDI...

1. Groove Monkee 350 MIDI Loops - Free!

Mac - 300 Samples (AD, BFD, BFD2, EZd, GM, DFHS, Reason)
PC - 300 Samples (AD, BFD, BFD2, EZd, GM, DFHS, Reason)
Session Drummer 2 Grooves

2. Groove Monkee Electronic Multiformat MIDI Groove Maps-NoGRP

Groove Monkee Electronic for BFD GURU GM EZDrummer
Groove Monkee Electronic for Groove Agent
Groove Monkee Electronic for Reason Refill GM NN-XT

3. Groove Monkee Professional MIDI Beats Bundle for EZD BFD - NoGRP

Groove_Monkee_Coun try

4. Learning to Use MIDI

Размер файла:: 55.17 Mb


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Ueberschall Oriental RnB (VSTi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDr- Keygen)

Ueberschall’s collection of selected construction kits with a nice oriental taste.
Oriental RnB is the ultimate point where the east and the west intercept on the highest musical and sonic level.
This very point is touched by spicy oriental flavour combined with modern dance, pop and RnB tunez.

Features Samples from Instruments like:

Oud, Tar, Kemance, Santur, Violin, Kanoun, Accordeon, Bouzouki, Ney, Pipes, Darbuka, Duff, Zarb, Rhodes, Piano, Organ, Synth, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Vocals, Drums & Percussion.
In total 3.2 Gigabyte of loops and single drum sounds.

Oriental RnB has been recorded with high quality studio equipment by exceptional sound engineers who know their business. It comes with Ueberschall’s brand new “Elastik Engine” technology – all the functionalities which are needed for professional use.
Размер: 3.2 Gb

6 архивов (letitbit.net)

6 архивов (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3
(uploadbox.com) part4
(uploadbox.com) part5
(uploadbox.com) part6

6 архивов (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3
(depositfiles.com) part4
(depositfiles.com) part5
(depositfiles.com) part6


PlatinumLoops Cinematic Guitars Vol.1

Cinematic Guitars V1 - Create a real essence of the movies with these spectacularly atmospheric guitar loops. These ambient guitar textures are almost hypnotic, with melodic layers of harmony and extensive use of heavy digital delay and lush reverb's. From dark and moody to light and positive, the one thing these guitar loops have in common is that true "soundtrack" quality that will inspire your productions. We've included mixed layers as well as each individual guitar part so that you can remix the intricate layers to suite your needs. Use the flash player below to hear some of the layered up loops in their full cinematic glory. Tempos range from 70 to 140 bpm.
Размер файла:: 290.84 Mb


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лучший форум для музыкантов
Puremagnetik String Machines MULTiFORMAT

String Machines for Sampler, Kontakt & EXS 4 analog legends recaptured: Puremagnetik has gone back to the golden age of string synthesis and recaptured the sounds of 4 legendary instruments. String Machines contains over 250MB of lush sounds recorded directly from the classic stringers of the 1970’s. But doesn’t stop with strings! These analog legends had amazing organs, full choirs, pianos and clavichords – all of which are reproduced in this latest release!. String Machines includes programs from: The Roland VP-330, Roland RS-09, ARP Solina String Ensemble and Crumar Orchestrator. Formats included: ALP, KONTAKT, EXS.
Размер файла:: 751.4 Mb


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D.A.V.E. The Drummer has dug deep into his massive personal sound vault to share his inspiring custom loops and anologe sounds form his vast collection of synths he has collected over the past 15 years.
Now you have the chance to explore D.A.V.E. The Drummer's personal sound collection first hand.

In brief, this pack contains over 1100 loops, 696 drum hits and a fantastic selection of 353 Fx sounds, a vast collection of synths, vocals, & one shots as well as Kontakt and abelton files for additional flexibility.
With over 1.6 gigs of total Techno we feel this will soon become your go to sound collection to explore the possibilities of Techno music.

Tech Specs:

* 1.69 gigs in total
* Bass shots: 69 samples
* Drum hits: 696
* FX sounds: 353
* Loops: 1277
* Synths: 299
* Bizarre Technoid Vocals : 53
* Abelton Live bonus Instruments: 2
* Total: 2747 Samples
* 44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo WAV/REX

3 архива (letitbit.net)

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3
Simplified Sounds Eurotronix Vol. 2 WAV

Eurotronix Vol. 2. Eurotronix Samples brings you those Eurodance influenced sounds you can hear in current RnB and Pop Productions. This Sample Pack comes fully loaded with 292 WAV Format Multi-Samples including Trance-Gated Synths, Arpeggios, Leads, Pads, Pianos and more. The first Sample of every Theme is a long Loop including all Parts, for those who prefer to chop it up. This Sample Pack has been divided into two volumes.
Размер файла:: 457.79 Mb


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Zero-G Anthem House Wav

Zero-G and Xfonic present Anthem House - over 750 samples and 1.4 Gb of euphoric dance anthems to help your music reach a higher plane.
"The classic sound of piano-driven house music, ripe with melodic synths and euphoric hands-in-the-air moments" - DJ MAGAZINE, UK

Get ready to experience the heart-racing rhythms and melodies of Anthem House. From euphoric synths to pumping basses, all the material you need to get your tracks into the biggest clubs is inside. 37 construction kits offer you the full mix, breakdowns, instrument loops and individual breaks from each kit in REX2, Acidized WAV and AIFF Apple Loops format.

From the sun-baked shores of Ibiza to the teeming clubs of Chicago, Anthem House has arrived. Over 1.4 Gb of dance-infused, club-pumping construction kits, beats and synth loops that will take you on a trip to a higher plane, ready to extend your tracks into the next stratosphere. If you need to find the right beat or hook to add to your film score or club-pounding tracks this is the library for you. The very best of uplifting house!

So if you want something that will pull you up from the darkest mood to the highest state of legal euphoria, try Anthem House.

This fantastic library comes in multiple formats that should suit every music producer.
Размер: 1.43 Gb

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(depositfiles.com) part1
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(depositfiles.com) part3
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лучший форум для музыкантов
Mellifluous - cпасибо,есть что покачать,конечно. А есть оркестровые ван шотики какие-нибудь? Их ужасный дефицит,скачал когда-то с freshsound.orgа пак в 30 мб,и все. Остальное, разве,что в ромплерах отжимать.. :(
22 июня 2010 00:07
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лучший форум для музыкантов
arwoll, посмотрим )) мож чем помогу!

Sound Effects Vol. 1 - Machines and Movement

Размер файла:: 46.08 Mb

Скачать одним файлом (uploadbox.com)
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Sound Effects Vol. 2 - Nature and Animals

Размер файла:: 54.78 Mb

Скачать одним файлом (uploadbox.com)
Скачать одним файлом (depositfiles.com)
Sound Effects Vol. 3 - People and Sounds

Размер файла:: 52.26 Mb

Скачать одним файлом (uploadbox.com)
Скачать одним файлом (depositfiles.com)
Sound Effects Vol. 4 - Sound Effects

Размер файла:: 37.55 Mb

Скачать одним файлом (uploadbox.com)
Скачать одним файлом (depositfiles.com)
Sound Effects Vol. 5 - Sounds of Passion

Размер файла:: 21.16 Mb

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лучший форум для музыкантов
Prime Loops Tribal Progressions WAV REX2

Tribal Progressions takes you on a journey, cutting through Progressive, dicing with Techno, and flirting with Minimal; creating a unique blend of current sounds, for resourceful producers of the future.
With over 150 Combined Loops with a deep, progressive, pounding feel, Tribal Progressions is also perfectly suited to Progressive, Minimal, Electro House, Techno and Trance styles.

Inside, you will find a distinguished array of pulsating bass loops, intelligent drum loops, sparkling synth + chord loops, and ambient fx ready for the dancefloor.
Tribal Progressions is a compact production assistant, and comes fully equipped in crystal clear 24-bit audio. As you’ve come to expect with Prime Loops releases; this sample pack is available in all the most popular formats for today’s music production platforms: Wav, Acid Loops, Rex2 Loops, Apple Loops, FL Studio, Reason Refill, Ableton Live Pack, and many more.
If you want get a feel for this sample pack, have a listen to the audio demo; showcasing some of the content from this sample pack. This is only a small taster of the content to be found inside. The loops themselves have an ambient, minimal, very progressive feel, and are specifically designed to deliver the base inspiration to start a track, whenever you want.
Essentially, this up-to-the-moment download sample pack will provide you with a concise cluster of exclusive and royalty free bass, beats and synths to inject into your dance productions.
Размер файла:: 227.78 Mb


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Ueberschall - Loop Essentials

Two CD-quality drum samples (3600 loops) in the format wav. Samples sorting by styles: House, Dance, Techno, Breakbeat, Hip-hop, Tribal, Hihats, Addon, FX loops, Distortion Loos, Flanger Loops, Vocoder loops. Sample Library Ueberschall - Loop Essentials - a good assistant for those who write club music and more!

Publisher: Ueberschall
Web Publishing: ueberschall.com
Format: WAV
PCM/1411 kbps/44100 Hz / Stereo
Размер: 1.17 Gb

3 архива (letitbit.net)

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3
19 августа 2010 16:02
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лучший форум для музыкантов
Prime Loops The Temple Of Breaks - ни у кого нет случайно?! winked
31 августа 2010 17:39
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лучший форум для музыкантов
Loopmasters - Deep Trance Techno

Перед Вами библиотека состоящая из 1500 сэмплов Deep Trance Techno, 950 Wav файлов, 514 Rex2 лупов, и 64 барабанных , синтезаторных, бассовых патчей для NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS24, содержание 685MB. Deep Trance Techno посвящен мировому андеграунду, это собрание из 1500 готовых к использованию сэмплов в ваших треках без каких – либо задержек и доработок.
Размер файла: 685 МБ

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> uploadbox.com

Скачать -> depositfiles.com
20 сентября 2010 18:35
Сообщение #25
лучший форум для музыкантов
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series vol 1-10

We're proud to announce the launch of the Sony Pictures Sound Effects™ Series — five volumes of sound effects and dynamic audio design, tailor-made to elevate your productions to the content quality standards of the Hollywood entertainment industry. For the first time, Sony Pictures Entertainment is opening its vaults to make a massive archive of audio material available to producers everywhere.

this debut release includes a wide range of essential sound effects categories, distributed generously across five volumes packed full of exciting, exclusive material. With over 1,200 high-quality effects in various lengths and styles, you're sure to find just the sounds you're looking for. And there's much more to come, with future volumes highlighting all areas of the silver screen, including science fiction, comedy, action, and more. The Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series will provide you with everything you need to select, layer and transform even the most elemental effects into expertly crafted sound design creations to compliment all your projects. With the ongoing support of one of the world's largest and most successful studios, the possibilities are endless.

Sony Creative Software is dedicated to enriching the work of media content creators at every tier of the industry. Our Loops and Samples broke all barriers to become the industry leader, providing indispensable tools that are currently enjoyed by music producers worldwide. Now, our celebrated music creation libraries are joined by the Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series, in our continuing efforts to provide media content creators everywhere with the most comprehensive collection of audio assets available anywhere.

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> fileserve.com

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> uploadbox.com
27 сентября 2010 22:32
Сообщение #26
лучший форум для музыкантов
Хороший форум сэмплы хорошие но мало trance
28 сентября 2010 23:19
Сообщение #27
лучший форум для музыкантов
Loopmasters - DJ Pierre - Afro Acid House

You probably don’t remember 1987. If you do, then you might have hazy memories of wearing aviator sunglasses, big leather jackets and fingerless gloves.

But away from the mainstream the first seeds of acid house were being sowed by four house music lovers in Chicago: DJ Pierre, Spanky and Herb Jackson. Together, under their alias Phuture, they created the world’s first acid house record called ‘Acid Tracks’, an 11 minute 17 seconds-long house trip based around a sound that has become synonymous with electronic music ever since, the bassline of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer.

Besides being a crucial DJ and the production wizard partly responsible for the development of Chicago acid-house, DJ Pierre later influenced the sound of New York’s more disco-fied house with his tenure as an in-house producer for Strictly Rhythm Records.

Now Loopmasters have teamed up with the godfather of Acid House himself to bring you a collection of inspiring sounds and samples from the very machines that created the genre which brought the UK and USA closer together through a love of Acid House music.

In this collection which sees DJ Pierre return to his creative roots you can expect to fine over 380MB of exciting content, including 330 Samples, 300 loops and 30 ready to play patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ samplers.

DJ Pierre has recorded over 70 Drumloops (expect 808/909 and classic Beatbox samples), 46 Bass Loops (suitable for Electro and Tech House), 46 Classic Acid House Basslines (The signature licks), 16 Grooves, 31 Keyboard Loops, 23 String Parts, 24 Synth Loops, 15 Pad FX and 52 Single Sounds.

This exclusive collection of samples cover the genres of House, Disco, Acid House, Tech and could even be worked into some progressive Techno.

Sample the godfather of Acid House today with DJ Pierre’s “Afro Acid House” by Loopmasters.

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> fileserve.com

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> uploadbox.com
26 декабря 2010 21:51
Сообщение #28
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FatLoud RnB Construction King (WAV)

Добро пожаловать на первый выпуск FatLoud сосредоточены на R & B музыки стиля (как всегда в свежих FatLoud интерпретации). FatLoud R & B Строительство короля, содержащем 7 строительных комплектов состоит из более чем 170 петель, все мультиформатный и готовы к использованию в 99% аппаратных и программных сэмплеров или секвенсоров.

Welcome to the first FatLoud release focused on R&B music style (as always in fresh FatLoud interpretation). FatLoud R&B Construction King containing 7 construction kits composed from over 170 loops, all multiformat and ready to use in 99% hardware & software samplers or sequencers.

Composed exclusively by FatLoud owner Paul Wilk, a producer, songwriter, singer & rapper with almost 15 years of experience in production of R&B, Hip Hop & Modern Pop music for artists all over the world. As all FatLoopShop releases this pack was engineered to match all of expectations of music industry today. Gear used: Roland Fantom G, Novation X-Station, KRK monitors, Lexicon audio interface, Steinberg Cubase 5.0, Propellerheads Reason 5.0 & Record 1.5 and many more!

- signature original sound of FatLoud a leader label in urban samples industry
- completly royalty-free material to use within your commercial compositions
- 7 high quality modern R&B construction kits
- 170 loops including: drums (separated & mixed for ease of use), synths, bass, pads, strings, keys, pianos and more!
- tempos & key signatures provided for all loops and kits

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> uploadbox.com

7 января 2011 19:24
Сообщение #29
лучший форум для музыкантов
Mutekki Media - Vengeance Electroshock Vol.2 (WAV)

2300 высококачественных сэмплов от Andreas Hinz, Jens Gimborn и Tobias Kramer. Сэмплы и лупы подходят для Electro, Electrohouse, Techhouse, Minimal. В качестве бонуса прилагаются сэмплы для модного ныне стиля "Dirty Dutch".

Sample-pack with over 2300 fresh commercial electro house samples. Mady by Andreas Hinz, Jens Gimborn and Tobias Kramer
WAV format

FACTS Vengeance Electroshock vol.2
- over 2300 high quality samples made by Andreas Hinz, Jens Gimborn and Tobias Kramer
- all loops at 128 BPM and precisely cut
- all tonal sounds / Loops with exact root key
- optimized for absolute "club-coolness"
- reasonable sorted in categories like CL Hihats, OP Hihats, Ride etc...
- usable for all other dance and house genres
- contains "ready to use" special matched sample kits

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> uploadbox.com

+ не зеркало!
Скачать -> letitbit.net
11 января 2011 20:39
Сообщение #30
лучший форум для музыкантов
Prime Loops Fingalickin' Hip Hop Grooves (WAV)

If you roll deeper than the rest, "Fingalickin' Hip Hop Grooves" is here to fill your pockets with the heaviest beats from the brighter side of the street. You'll need to grab your shades and get ready to be blinded by the paparazzi when you step outside with this suitcase full of explosive jams, each one packed with the drama to get you vibing on the spot.

There's always room for progression in the scene, so Prime Loops delivers you over 200 flexible loops broken down into 17 tasty construction kits (including variations), allowing you to present the freshest attitude onstage every time. We know you crave beats with phat snares and claps, epic synths, gated chords and string stabs, with deep basslines moving your waistline, so this pack gives you all the elements you're looking for.

At Prime Loops we never forget that our customers demand the highest quality, so for this pack we recruited our highly skilled producer, engineer & multi-instrumentalist Nathan "Fingerbeats" Lindsay.

Rest assured that every second of every loop in this sample pack has been engineered and mastered on an international level, and triple quality checked in the Prime Loops lab, so you can be sure to electrify the atmosphere in any club!

If you're aiming for a seat in in first class, next to Kanye West, Jay-Z, P Diddy, Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi you've just found the fast-track ticket. "Fingalickin' Hip Hop Grooves" will bring out the bounce in you, setting you up for a night you and your crew will never forget. Be a part of the evolution of hip hop culture, push these loops to the limit and learn how to play with the big boys.

Remember - all the samples, as with all Prime Loops packs, are 100% royalty free; meaning they can be used in all your creations without having to worry about pricey licensing costs, and you will retain full ownership of your work.

Whichever way you cut it, there's an audience waiting for you in Paris, New York and London. You don't need to stand around in the queue any more, you can walk straight into the VIP room with "Fingalickin' Hip Hop Grooves".

15 января 2011 01:51
Сообщение #31
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Prime Loops - Urban Takeova 2 (WAV)

Are you ready for the 2nd strike? The Prime Loops Team are back in full effect and proud to present to you the ultimate second installment of the critically acclaimed "Urban Takeova" sample pack collections.

Expect even more of the 'Takeova' sound with this uncompromising 1GB+ selection with only the hottest and most devastating royalty-free hip hop ammunition you'll ever get to hear! With "Urban Takeova 2" we're pushing limits even further this time...bigger, badder, louder!

Alongside 100+ fully flexible and beefy bouncin' beat elements such as syncopated snare rolls, detailed percussion patterns & intricate hi-hat flares, you will also find more than 100 of the heaviest synth hooks and straight-up basslines from the industry's leading synths, as well as 100+ official Prime Loops drum shots, cutting SFX, huge orchestra hits, and much much more!

As a special add-on for all you MC's out there, "Urban Takeova 2" also contains 10 fully-arranged full-length beats, mastered to chart standards - this is the ultimate fire to spit your rhymes over! As with all Prime Loops releases each and every sample is pre-engineered and professionally compressed for maximum impact in the club and over the airwaves. Just drag, drop, and roll with whatever vibe sparks your imagination. Instant phatness guaranteed.

So if you're tired of the same recycled hip hop samples.. now is the time to go official and start working with a library you can really rely on. Download "Urban Takeova" now and you're just a push-button away from all the heat and superior power you need to finally smash your competition, raid the clubs and rule the airwaves!

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> uploadbox.com
19 января 2011 21:35
Сообщение #32
лучший форум для музыкантов
Zero-G Progressive House (WAV)

Zero-G Progressive House (WAV) - это библиотека сэмплов для создания музыки в стилях Progressive House, electro, minimal house !!!

This fantastic progressive and minimal house sample library from Zero-G offers over 500 loops and single hits recorded in pristine 24bit audio all professionally produced using a wide range of digital and analogue equipment.

"One for the producer serious about their house music... extremely atmospheric... capture that essential progressive vibe that will spark your inspiration... rated 9 out of 10" (Computer Music magazine, UK).

If you like deep, dark progressive house, then this library is everything you will ever need. Progressive House is a dark, dirty, mindbending kaleidoscope of sounds without any cheesy breakdowns, this library basically kicks like a camel on steroids.

Driving beats, hypnotic synths, throbbing basslines, euphoric FX, sizzling drum hits and more. All richly textured, uplifting, polished and evocative.

Progressive House includes hundreds of basslines, beats and synthlines at 122, 125 and 127bpm to jumpstart your creative juices. There are also masses of kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats and percussion to custom-build your beats and an array of euphoric FX loops to spice up your tracks.

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> uploadbox.com
24 января 2011 01:33
Сообщение #33
лучший форум для музыкантов
Prime Loops Big Phat Wobble Bass (WAV,REX)

Prime Loops Big Phat Wobble Bass - это сэмплы бассов для производства Dubstep, Drum N 'Bass, Electro, House, IDM.

Oh my gosh! You already know that London-based sampling dons Prime Loops constantly deliver top notch material, but this pack is simply off the scale. Send your needle straight into the red and get completely crushed by the biggest, heaviest, wobbliest dubstep basslines ever produced! This is that official infamous wobble bass sound that everyone’s talking about. Are you ready to destroy car stereos and flatten every club to the ground? Then this one’s for you!

What's that lying on the floor? It's Nero, Skream, Benga, Bar9, Caspa, Modeselektor, Jack Beats and Noisia, who all fell over when they heard your tracks! With over 120 precision-cut bass loops running from 110-142bpm, in all major and minor keys, you've got some serious ammunition to invade all those guys' space. Just inject these maxed-out bass sounds over your latest rhythms and you're good to go.

Lets go! Simply drag and drop the files into your productions and get involved! Slice up a whole heavyweight wobble symphony by combining and redesigning the riffs, go mental with the filters and add some truly original dubstep flavours at world-class professional quality.

As you have come to expect with Prime Loops, all the sounds in "Big Phat Wobble Bass" come with our solid 100% royalty-free guarantee. This enables you to release your tunes whenever and wherever you want, without having to worry about any sample clearances or pricey licenses.

Whether you produce Dubstep, Drum n’ Bass, Electro, House, IDM, or other, these wobblers will give any music style a super-dose of phatness…


20 февраля 2011 12:47
Сообщение #34
лучший форум для музыкантов
Producer Loops - Deep House Progressions Vol.2 (APPLE LOOPS.MIDI.REX)

Producer Loops - Deep House Progressions Vol.2 это сэмплы для танцевальной музыки в стиле House. Всего 5 сетов, начинённых высочайшего качества лупами и ваншотами.

'Deep House Progressions Vol 2' from Producer Loops contains another 5 Tech flavoured Deep House construction kits. This superb multi-format library contains ACID WAV, Apple Loops, REX, ReFill and MIDI. You can also customise your Deep House experience with Pick 'n' Mix.

'Deep House Progressions 2' picks up where volume 1 left off with another 5 powerful construction kits designed for the most demanding House producers. Pounding House and Tribal House rhythms are backed up by powerful basslines, vocal fragments and expertly designed FX sure to inspire your creativity.

Multi Format:

'Deep House Progressions Vol 2' caters to the increasingly diverse range of producers' DAW setups, and comes complete with ACID WAV, Apple Loops, REX2, Reason ReFill and MIDI. All files are key and tempo tagged, both in their filename and metadata, enabling seamless and hassle free integration into your tracks.

About the Construction Kits:

All of the elements of each construction kit have been broken-out into separate files. Each part has been isolated so you can choose which parts you want to use in your own track. All parts are "looped" perfectly, so you can simply drag and drop the desired parts into your music sequencer.

Скачать -> letitbit.net

Скачать -> hotfile.com

Скачать -> fileserve.com

Скачать -> uploadbox.com

25 февраля 2011 22:47
Сообщение #35
лучший форум для музыкантов
Vipzone - Drum Elektro (WAV)

Drum Elektro - 500 электро-драм звуков от Ellis Vanghoul. Бочки, электроперкуша, хай-хэты, барабашки, эфиксы, синтетика.

500 top-notch Ellis Vanghoul's electro drum sounds.


Pack content:

- 50 drum kicks
- 100 elektro punk perk
- 50 liquid hi hats
- 100 neo snares
- 100 synth sounds
- 99 bonus fx sounds

Roy pro
12 марта 2011 17:55
Сообщение #36
лучший форум для музыкантов
парни привет всем подскажите какую нибудь библиотеку хорошую fx эффектов для создания видео рекламных роликов
13 марта 2011 01:49
Сообщение #37
лучший форум для музыкантов
Цитата: Roy pro
парни привет всем подскажите какую нибудь библиотеку хорошую fx эффектов для создания видео рекламных роликов

На этой странице вверху посмотри
5 апреля 2011 13:13
Сообщение #38
лучший форум для музыкантов
Очень нужны диалоги - (разговоры о музыке). Помогите чем сможете.
13 апреля 2011 00:55
Сообщение #39
лучший форум для музыкантов
пожалуйста у кого есть nexus 2 для mac. AU.TDM? выложти plя!!!!!
18 апреля 2011 13:12
Сообщение #40
лучший форум для музыкантов
Всем привет хороший сайт, все что искал, почьти нашел, молодцы ребята, хотелось бы, семлов для ударных партий для транса, желаю успехов!

Scorp1on,привет в чем конкретно нужна помошь и в какой программе работаешь?

19 апреля 2011 17:13
Сообщение #41
лучший форум для музыкантов
Нет слов. Хорошие качественные сэмплы! Спосибо вам за вложенные Сэмплы!!! lol
27 апреля 2011 12:27
Сообщение #42
лучший форум для музыкантов
Спасибо огромное за такую сборку библиотек!
Спасибо так же самому сайту http://www.freshsound.org
его модератором и кто вкладывает силы и время для общего развития в музыке!
Практически любой каприз души здесь можна найти и скачать без проблем!
спасибо ребята!
5 мая 2011 21:38
Сообщение #43
лучший форум для музыкантов
Наверно не в тему будет?! Но да ладно Ищу midi файлы Nitrous Oxide никто не встречал?!Буду очень благодарен!все сборники весь интернет прочисал нигде нет может кто встречал а у кого и есть?
25 мая 2011 23:08
Сообщение #44
лучший форум для музыкантов
Mutekki Media Loop Definition (WAV)

Loop Definition – больше 1000 барабанных лупов из различных музыкальных жанров. Хороший бит – неотъемлемая составляющая любой мелодии дэнса, но сказать это легче, чем сделать. В основном у вас выбор: или сделать все полностью самому или сэкономить много сил и времени, используя подходящий луп. 'Loop Definition' от Mutekki Media предлагает решение – рай лупов. В этой коллекции собраны больше 1000 свежих лупов различных жанров.

От дэнса через хаус до брекбита и хай-хэта, этот CD содержит все, что нужно людям в поисках превосходного бита Перед нами отличный сборник от Mutekki Media, который содержит великолепные семплы, которые, в первую очередь, подойдут для создания хип-хоп композиций. Бесчисленное кол-во различных драм-лупов, материала для бита, самые новые электронные синты, множество семплов и скретчей в стиле старой школы, а также многое другое включено в этот релиз! Обладая этим набором Вы сможете создать самые горячие хиты, ни чуть не уступающие тем, что держатся на вершинах всех чартов! Всего на диске насчитывается более 2400 семплов в формате WAV (16bit/44.1 kHz, stereo). Утробные басовые семплы, неземные синты, множество битов и просто хит-семплов - теперь всё в Ваших руках, остаётся только творить и выражать себя в великолепных треках!

В архиве:
AddOn Loops 127BPM
Breakbeat Loops 127BPM
Dance Loops 138BPM
Electro House Loops 127BPM
Hihat Loops 127BPM
House Loops 127BPM
Minimal Loops 127BPM
Percussive Loops 127BPM
Straight Loops 127BPM
Tech House Loops 127BPM
Формат: wav

Download >> filesonic

Download >> letitbit

Download >> uploadstation

Download >> fileserve


Download >> depositfiles
4 июня 2011 20:19
Сообщение #45
лучший форум для музыкантов
Prime Loops - Electro House Shoxx [WAV]

Сэмплы для создания Electro House музыки! Включены bass линии, ван-шоты, drum сэмплы, drum лупы.

This fully remixable sample pack contains a complete selection no-nonsense electro house samples, with straight-up beat loops, punchy kick samples, swinging hat loops and sidechained pads, all broken down into a flexible folder structure to let you raise the pressure even further with your sequencer. Featuring 240 separated drum and synth loops locked at 128Bpm, boosted by 98 one-shot drum and fx samples, you can pick and choose layers to construct your own disco devastation machine without feeling the restrictions of premixed loops.

Created using a totally professional combination of Moog hardware and the latest software synths, this is a refreshingly innovative stockpile of instantly inspirational and fully charged samples, ready for assembly in your personal power station. All our sample packs are pre-formatted for any workflow, backed by our famous triple-quality guarantee and supplied with an unlimited royalty-free license. The future development and direction of electro-house is in your hands, so you better hope your audience are ready for this heavy selection of sample collection “Electro House Shoxx”!

All the bass loops and synth samples come with several increasingly twisted variations to push your arrangement forward, building tension towards the perfect drop. What’s more, all the files are clearly tagged with chord progression information to help you add your own layers to the mix. The drum loops come with separate kicks, tops and one-shot samples, so you can cut, paste and program the hell out of them. Completing the picture, we added a nasty selection of expertly programmed SFX loops with filtered risers and swooshes, giving you that extra euphoric release when the drums kick in.

Put your fingers in the socket and throw the switch, Prime Loops are delivering the high-voltage vibes to engergise your next dancefloor construction. Hook yourself up and download this electrifying storm of stomping rhythms and searing synths, expertly generated and perfectly regulated by four-to-the-floor fanatic Frederik Mooij.

Tech Specs: 16 Bit Quality Samples | 218MB of Samples | 337 Wav Samples | 54 Bass Shoxx Loops | 29 Full Drum Shoxx Loops | 30 Kick Drum Shoxx Loops | 30 Top Shoxx Loops | 98 Drum One Shoxx Hit Samples including Clap samples, Hat samples, Kick samples, Perc and Snare samples | 20 SFX Shoxx Loops | 76 Synth Shoxx Loops.

25 июня 2011 15:24
Сообщение #46
лучший форум для музыкантов
Loopmasters Progressive House & Tech (WAV)

Новейшая коллекция сэмплов в формате WAV для создания House & Tech! Все остальное игра слов...

Progressive House & Tech is a vast collection of supremely recorded 24 bit samples for cutting edge producers looking for a quality selection of Progressive & Tech House Samples, freshly created with the sounds coming out of the best clubs in the world right now.

A consummate collection of some of the freshest sounds have been painstakingly created for DJs and Producers looking to fashion the direction of Dance Music using new elements designed to inspire and ignite tomorrows music.

Progressive House & Tech is influenced by the more progressive club sounds of artists such as The Swedish House Mafia, Funkagenda, Deadmau5 and Dubfire, and labels including Toolroom, Stealth and Nervous.

SiZe: 400MB (650MB)

7 июля 2011 21:28
Сообщение #47
лучший форум для музыкантов
Loopmasters The New Sound Of Dubstep (WAV)

C гордостью представляем свежие и захватывающие сэмплы для создания современного Dubstep.

Loopmasters are proud to present a fresh and exciting collection of new and exclusive samples for producers looking to make original and contemporary Dubstep tracks. If you are looking to create the new sound of Dubstep immortalised recently by the likes of Benga, Skream, Skrillex, Capsa or Burial - then this is the collection you have been waiting for.

'New Sound of Dubstep' weighs in at over 600MB, and includes 400 samples at 24 Bit, including 255 Loops at 140 Bpm, and 145 one Shot Samples. Producers can also expect to find 60 ready to play patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ soft samplers. Ableton Live, Reason Refill and Apple Loop versions are also available separately.

In detail 'New Sound of Dubstep' includes 66 Cone Wobbling Subsonic and Tearing Bass Loops, 43 Atmospheric Chords and Stabs, 122 Heavyweight Drum Loops, 20 Resonanting FX, 50 One Shot Dubstep Bass Tones, and 100 Single Drum samples for programming your own beats.

This pack has been produced by the ever in demand Dom Kane, who has applied meticulous attention to detail with all the loops and samples presented here, and we are sure there will be plenty of new hits produced from the content of this inspirational pack.

29 августа 2011 16:25
Сообщение #48
лучший форум для музыкантов
Prime Loops - Arabic Vibez (WAV)

Arabic Vibez - новый звуковой шедевр от Prime Loops предоставляет вам более 180 потрясающе насыщенных арабских партий струнных, аккордовых пассажей, инструментальных аранжировок и многое другое. Если вы ищите что-то, чтобы оживить свой новый саундтрек к блокбастеру или игре, украсить клубный трек или привнести восточный оттенок для других ваших проектов, то этот вдохновляющий набор то что вам нужно.

Как это принято во всем Востоке, эта уникальная коллекция звука гарантирует вам сердечный прием! Мастерски сочиненный и записанный Жаном-Баптист Лаказом (Jean Baptiste Lacaze) этот набор содержит более 20 готовых, организованных глав, запакованных классическими инструментовками таких характерных инструментов как Уд, Шахнай, Дудук и многих других. Все сэмплы записаны в 16 битном качестве и помечены во многих арабских и ближневосточных гаммах и темпах от 80 до 150 bpm.

Приготовьтесь прокатится на ковре-самолете Prime Loops и испытать чувственные ритмы, божественные флейты, переносящиеся мягкими ветрами пустыни или таинственные колокольчики прямо из оазиса. Arabic Vibez мгновенно позволит вам исследовать оригинальные музыкальные пейзажи и богатые культурные традиции Восточного региона.

Формат: wav
Качество: 16 bit Частота 44.1 kHz Каналы stereo

17 сентября 2011 19:25
Сообщение #49
лучший форум для музыкантов
Loopmasters Designer Dance FX (WAV)

Для тех кто ищет самые модные эффекты и сэмплы Loopmasters представляет Designer Dance FX - коллекцию передовых, прекрасно обработанных и профессионально созданных клубных FX сэмплов. Эта 1.4 Гб коллекция включает не менее 600 мастерски созданных сэмплов из студии Marc Adamo, а так же включает 28 патчей для сэмплеров Reason NNXt, Halion, EXS, SFZ и Kontakt.

Более детально содержит: 22 Bleeps, 6 Chord Gates, 43 Cymbal FX, 38 Downshifters, 45 Drones and Tones, 40 Echo FX, 24 Gate FX, 29 Hits and Stabs, 56 Impacts, 40 Noise FX, 16 Reversals, 65 Supertight Risers, 8 Essential Sirens, 11 Sub Drops, 93 Transition Spot FX, 41 Uplifters, и 6 Unique Vox Builders.

Format: WAV


LM Jamie Anderson Underground Tech House Vol 1 & Vol 2 (WAV)

Сразу две части сэмплов Tech House от Jamie Anderson, одного из самых универсальных и устойчивых музыкантов в Танцевальной музыки. Он утвердился как огромный талант в сцене, не только посредством его производства охвата жанра, но также и от его исключительно высокого качества и универсально приветствовал наборы ди-джея. Его выступления на Panarama Bar, Love Parade и Cocoon - легендарные вещи. Собственный лейбл Андерсона - Artform выпускал Richie Hawtin, Dave Angel, DJ Sneak и Laurent Garnier.

Download >> depositfiles

Download >> letitbit



Download >> filesonic


Download >> fileserve
18 сентября 2011 12:57
Сообщение #50
лучший форум для музыкантов
Fox Samples Slammin Radio Anthems (WAV&MIDI)

Chart Breakers: Slammin Radio Anthems от Fox Samples содержит 5 пылающих комплектов в стиле electro для продюсеров, которые ищут сэмплы вдохновленные топовыми звездами, такими как Lady GaGa, Usher и David Guetta. Так же наборы включают MIDI файлы.

• 300 mb of content
• Tempos 128 to 130 BPM
• 100% Royalty-Free
• All keys and tempos are included

• Electro House

• WAV/Acid Loops (24-Bit audio quality)

29 сентября 2011 23:01
Сообщение #51
лучший форум для музыкантов
Best Service K-Size Electro Edition (WAV)

Более чем 2500 сэмплов и ван-шотов в формате WAV для создания клубного хита!

Best Service and K-Size are ready for the next step by adding the K-Size Electro Edition.
With more than 2500 exclusively produced sounds and loops this library offers the hottest and most trendy sounds in club universe!

The content is not just limited to electro-house. There´s plenty of material which covers various styles like House, Techhouse, Progressive and Dirty-Dutch.

As with all K-Size releases, every Loop has its own unique name, which makes it easy to find and remember your favorite sounds in no time. No more endless numbered lists with hundreds of Loops in one folder.

This sample library gives your productions the well needed pressure to smash every dancefloor in the world!
In tradition of K-Size, all samples were produced on High-End Studio Equipment to ensure maximum sound quality.

4 октября 2011 02:40
Сообщение #52
лучший форум для музыкантов
X-r Audio Synthology Mini Moog Keys 2011 Hitz (WAV)

Высококачественная библиотека сэмплов в формате WAV для создания RnB, Soul и Hip-Hop!

Каждый производитель ломаных ритмов найдет здесь звуки по душе!

'Synthology & Mini Moog Loops 2011 Hitz' from X-R Audio brings you 70 RnB, Soul & Hip Hop individual Loops. These Construction Kits come complete with all the Royalty-Free elements you need to create your own arrangements, and are perfectly suited to everything from RnB to Soul and Pop.

You'll find bass, synths, pads, piano, mini moog, strings and more, across 64 Royalty-Free Synth Loops.

Product Features:
• 24-Bit WAV
• All parts are separated for remixing
• All tempos are provided for easy use
• 70 Synth, Bass, Piano, Pads, Keys & Strings Loops (over 70 Items)

300mb (500mb)

15 октября 2011 10:07
Сообщение #53
лучший форум для музыкантов
Loopmasters - Re-Zone Presents Big Room House Essentials (WAV)

Новейшая коллекция коллекция сэмплов в формате WAV, опытно обработанных для производителей techno и house.

Эта замечательная коллекция была одобрена такими профи как Питом Тонгом, Карлом Коксом, Марком Найтом, Роджером Санчесом, Axwell и Tiesto!

Эта коллекция новых и захватывающих звуков включает Бас, Барабаны, Синтезаторы, Ван-шоты, FX и Ударные установки!

300MB (500MB)
27 ноября 2011 17:20
Сообщение #54
лучший форум для музыкантов
Loopmasters Minimal Tech Vox 1,2,3 [WAV]

Loopmasters представляет отличный сборник из трех частей в серии Minimal Tech Vox - фантастическая коллекция вокальных сэмплов изготовленных специально для танцевальной музыки. Содержит 1.50 Gb контента с 2000 сэмплами в формате WAV!

Loopmasters are proud to present the a collection of three parts best selling Minimal Tech Vox sample series - a fantastic collection of snipped, glitched, processed and tweaked minimal vocal samples, produced specifically for the dance music producer.

Whether you are making Tech, Electro, Deep or Mainroom Dance Music - these samples recorded by pro session singers have been mangled, chopped and edited to provide you with the building blocks for some awesome grooves.

Minimal Tech Vox 1,2,3, contains a huge 1.50 Gb of content featuring over 2000 24 bit samples, In format WAV!

1Gb (1.50Gb)
29 ноября 2012 20:37
Сообщение #55
лучший форум для музыкантов
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